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melamine crockery die

place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Shunhao
Shaping Mode: Compression Mould
product material: melamine moulding compound
Cavity: Mutil/ Single
On sale: $1100.00
Price: $1200.00



1. Mould material: High quality steel


2. Product Material:melamine moulding compound

3. Cavity: Single/ Mutil


4. Mold Life: 500,000 shots


5.Certifications: ISO 9001and EU S8000 certificates


6. Type of melamine mold: 2-plate mold,3-plate mold


7. Mold runner: Hot runner


8.Gate type: Side gate, Sub gate, Pin point gate,Edge gate etc


9. Mold base: LKM or Self-made


10. Ejection system: Stripper plate, Lifter, Push bar, Ejection pin etc


11.Design software: Pro/E, UG, Catia, Solidwork, Moldflow, AutoCad


12. Mold of steel suppliers: FINKL,Assab,DAIDO,LKM, Buderus


13.Hot Runners suppliers:


Synventive, Yudo, Incoe, Hasco, Dme, Moldmaster, Hrs, Delachaux, Sino….


14. Shipping Packing: Wooden case or according to customer's requirement.



According to sample, drawing and specific requirement.


Mould steel, cavity number, price, runner, payment, etc.

3.S/C Signature

Approval for all the items.

4. Down payment

Pay 40% by T/T.

5.Product design analysis

Analyze the product design,its thickness,stacking effect, whether there is undercut in the mould. And send customer analysis report and solution for confirm.

6.Mould Design

We make mould design on the basis of confirmed product design, and send to customer for confirmation.

7.Mould Tooling

We start to make mould after mould design confirmed.

8.Mould Processing

Send report to customer once each week.

9.Mould Testing

Send trial samples and try-out report to customer for confirmation.

10. Mould Modification

According to customer’s feedback.

11.Balance settlement

60% by T/T after the customer approved the trial sample and mould quality.


Delivery by sea. The forwarder can be designated by your side.

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