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melamine tableware mould

place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Shunhao
Shaping Mode: Compression Mould
product material: melamine moulding compound
Cavity: Mutil/ Single
On sale: $800.00
Price: $850.00



1. Mould material: High quality steel


2. Product Material:melamine moulding compound

3. Cavity: Single/ Mutil


4. Mold Life: 500,000 shots


5.Certifications: ISO 9001and EU S8000 certificates


6. Type of melamine mold: 2-plate mold,3-plate mold


7. Mold runner: Hot runner


8.Gate type: Side gate, Sub gate, Pin point gate,Edge gate etc


9. Mold base: LKM or Self-made


10. Ejection system: Stripper plate, Lifter, Push bar, Ejection pin etc


11.Design software: Pro/E, UG, Catia, Solidwork, Moldflow, AutoCad


12. Mold of steel suppliers: FINKL,Assab,DAIDO,LKM, Buderus


13.Hot Runners suppliers:


Synventive, Yudo, Incoe, Hasco, Dme, Moldmaster, Hrs, Delachaux, Sino….


14. Shipping Packing: Wooden case or according to customer's requirement.

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